Lixandru Iulian Portfolio

My personal portal, where you can see what can I do and on what I have worked on. It's pure HTML and CSS. Check my home page or send me an email for more details!

It's a retail store based on PrestaShop, with custom design and improvements.

For several months I have developed many modules to make it easier for the buyer to navigate and see products. Some examples of modules are:

  • On homepage
    • Blog view
    • Categories view
  • On Product list page
    • Filtering products
    • Making one layout for product
And many others...

C.D.I. "Spiru Haret"

Based on Wordpress, I have made it work for the needs of my client, and my job it to keep it up to date and secure. It's strictly educational.

Web browser RTS

Developed with phalcon framework, it's a work in progress with no online version yet.